D.J. Eshelman's I.T. Assessments Workshop (Beta)

Learn to conduct assessments that reduce risk and provide actionable steps with real results

Course Summary

In this class you will learn the strategies that top IT Consultants like D.J. use to conduct Interview-Based Assessments, Present findings to management the way they will respect, and how to document your findings in a way that will have them not only take action - but sing your praises for the way it is organized.

PLEASE NOTE: This course is in a BETA phase. This means that the editing and presentation is not complete and subject to change.
As a BETA participant, you are given a special price in exchange for your feedback - you are agreeing to attend at least one live or "Office Hours" session to give DJ feedback on the course.
All BETA participants that give feedback, reviews, or testimonials will be given access to the FINAL version of the course!

Special Offer!

As a thank you for participating in this BETA program, DJ will send you a personalized copy of Just Do THIS on Hardcover!
Value: $56 USD

Supplies are Limited.
Free offer for US Residents only - International available for $12 to cover processing.
Offer Expires Feb 28, 2021

Course Curriculum

D.J. Eshelman


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