JDT-410: Confidence in IT Assessment, Presentation & Documentation

From Whiteboard to Boardroom

Course Summary

In this class you will learn the strategies that top IT Consultants like D.J. use to conduct Interview-Based Assessments, Present findings to management the way they will respect, and how to Document your findings in a way that will have them not only take action - but sing your praises for the way it is organized.

What Will You Learn?

  • Deeper Mastery of D.J.'s Methodology (Understand, Plan, Change, Maintain)
  • How to schedule and conduct professional Assessment meetings and processes in a way your Project Manager will love
  • Organizing your findings using the procedures and tools that D.J. uses to assess risks and requirements
  • Create an amazing spreadsheet with your findings organized by practical priority and status tracked
  • Present your findings to anyone - from tech team to CEO in a way that inspires them to take ownership and action
  • Document your findings professionally and accurately

Why should I learn this?

What I didn't realize in my career until far too late was that I was expected not only to have mastery of the technology - but I had to explain it professionally.
Once I did - my career both as a consultant and an architect... took off.

The honest truth is this: If you don't learn this - you'll be stuck where you are, wondering why others that know less than you are getting promoted and you aren't.
Worse - you are HURTING YOUR TEAM when you can't make your case to management about the risks and needs for technology. Remember, management is always wanting to know what corners they can cut. A lack of presentation and documentation will cause that to happen.

If you wait for someone else to do it - it will either not happen, or the person that does it will be the one promoted, not you!
Obviously I don't want to see that happen.
That is why I encourage you to make this small investment in your career NOW!

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D.J. Eshelman

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