Workshop Replays

Growing your skillsets in I.T. is not always about your tech knowledge.
So who's teaching you what you need to know? Who can you trust?

Thrive-IT has the answer.
11 Months of the year, we do premium workshops (1-3 hrs long, typically) that bring you more than your typical webinar. Think of them as mini-courses, each with hard-fought and battle tested lessons from IT Veterans.

"Will there be a replay?"
This is the most common question we get - and the answer is yes - but unlike many webinars, these replays are not always free!
This is premium content, baby!

This 'course-like' program contains a growing library of all the replays and updates of all workshops we do, so you have a single point of access - no need to register for each one to get the replay or updated content!

D.J. Eshelman



I greatly appreciated the structural overview from a technical delivery standpoint. DJ presented strong concepts that promote clear communication and accountability. I can see where the process can be beneficial to Engineering teams to C-Suite employees. Many thanks DJ!

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