Develop Your IT Career Roadmap

Change Your Direction or Stay the Course?

In this THREE HOUR workshop, you'll discover your Ideal Career Archetype and map out a plan for your ongoing happiness (aka success) in your vocation!

Friday, 27 October 2023
12:00 PM CDT

Live Webinar Session has ended now.

No More Dreaded Mondays

Are you feeling stuck in your IT Career?
Just beginning your journey and feeling clueless?
Thinking it's too late to make a change?
You're not alone, and it's not your fault. You've been taught for years that there is a limited career path in IT and you've been stuck in it.

But don't despair - there's a solution! D.J. Eshelman has helped hundreds of others to realize that they can have a successful and fulfilling IT Career and he'll help you too. He'll provide you with the roadmap you need to make the right changes and find success in a career you love!

Ideal IT Career Archetype

Find the unique combination of how you like to work, where, why, and when, and why that is CRUCIAL to your career path.

Look at your Options

No two paths are the same, but as they say - Success Leaves Clues!
You'll spend a few moments with an array of Archetypes and see what their daily lives look like, and the career pathway that got them there.
You'll leave more confident in your chosen path!

A Real Plan

Few people get to their ideal vocation by chance. It takes PLANNING!
You'll leave with an actionable plan for the next few years of your vocational pathway!

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